ProtectSecure-<span>i</span> <span>Murni</span>

ProtectSecure-i Murni

  • A regular contribution family plan
  • Simplified underwriting
  • Great way to save for Hajj or Umrah financial needs
  • Perform good deeds through waqaf
  • Protection with financial savings
  • Flexibility to make partial withdrawal

<span>i</span>-Am <span>Wira</span>

i-Am Wira

  • Affordable term protection plan
  • High coverage with comprehensive benefits
  • Extra layer of protection
  • Hassle-free application
ProtectCare-<span>i</span> Prime

ProtectCare-i Prime

  • A regular contribution family plan 
  • Opportunity to maximise savings
  • High coverage with affordable contributions
  • Flexible terms period: 20, 25 or 30 years
WealthCare-<span>i</span> Style

WealthCare-i Style

  • A regular contribution investment-linked plan
  • Provide protection and potential investment returns
  • Choice of investment funds
  • Protection and investment covers from RM5/daily
WealthSecure-<span>i</span> Invest

WealthSecure-i Invest

  • A regular contribution investment-linked plan
  • Choice of investment funds
  • Certificate term up to age 99
  • Protection and investment covers from RM5/daily

<span>i</span>-Am Protect

i-Am Protect

  • A pure protection term family takaful plan
  • Simplified underwriting
  • Affordable contribution
  • One year coverage
EduCare-<span>i</span> Pendidikan
EduCare-i Pendidikan
Funding your child's education
Providing protection while securing your children's education fund.
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