HomeAnti-Corruption Policy Statement
AmMetLife Takaful Berhad (“AmMetLife Takaful”) is committed to conduct business fairly, honestly, and openly and to comply with the standards and the requirements of anti-corruption laws in the country. AmMetLife Takaful has ZERO tolerance policy towards all forms of bribery and corruption, whether committed by AmMetLife Takaful employees and intermediaries or by a third party acting for or on behalf of AmMetLife Takaful. Simply put, bribery and corruption are never acceptable.

Corruption violates the public trust, threatens economic and social development, and impedes fair trade. AmMetLife Takaful strictly prohibits bribery or corruption in business dealings in both the private and public sectors. AmMetLife Takaful employees and intermediaries, and its third parties must never offer or accept anything of value to:
  • Influence a person or entity to improperly engage in an act, omission, or decision in the performance of some official, public, or business-related function;
  • Secure an improper advantage in order to obtain, retain, or direct business;
  • Make facilitation payments to cause a government official to expedite or secure a routine governmental action.
The three main types of corrupt activities are bribery, kickbacks, and extortion:
  • Bribery – Offering, giving, soliciting, or receiving anything of value to influence the actions of another person or entity.
  • Kickback – A negotiated form of bribery in which payment is made to someone who facilitated a transaction or other situation.
  • Extortion – Using threats or force to obtain money, property, or services.

The following are several examples of scenarios, warning signals and payment types that are prohibited (non-exhaustive):
  • Any request for cash payment or for payment to be diverted to a third party or third country outside normal payment terms and processes;
  • Doing business with a potential customer in a country that has a history of corruption, particularly when the business sector or party has a reputation for corrupt practices;
  • Payments to influence the award of contracts;
  • Payments to obtain confidential information about the activities of competitors.
All AmMetLife Takaful employees and intermediaries, and its third parties must act ethically as we do not tolerate bribery and corruption. All parties (internal and external) are expected to report any actual and suspicious corrupt activity immediately through the Reporting Channels listed in the Whistleblowing Policy . All communications through these Reporting Channels will be treated as confidential.