Frequently Asked Questions about Takaful

Takaful is derived from the Arabic root word kafala; which means to take care of one’s need and the word Takaful itself means guaranteeing each other or joint guarantee.


According to Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 (IFSA), takaful means an arrangement based on mutual assistance under which takaful participants agree to contribute to a common fund providing for mutual financial benefits payable to the takaful participants or their beneficiaries on the occurrence of pre-agreed events.

AmMetLife Takaful Berhad (“AmMetLife Takaful”) is a strategic partnership between AMMB Holdings Berhad (“AmBank Group") and MetLife International Holdings, Inc. (“MetLife”). The strategic partnership combines the international expertise and financial strength of MetLife with the local strength and reach of AmBank Group.

AmMetLife Takaful offers a comprehensive range of takaful solutions distributed by its authorised takaful agents and AmBank branches nationwide. With our aim to provide excellent services, together with a deep and respectful knowledge of shariah principles and values, we aim to be a customer centric and modern takaful operator in Malaysia.

The tabarru’ which is credited from the Participant Investment Fund (“PIF”) to the Participant Risk Fund (“PRF”) will be used to help Participants in the event of any misfortune.

Investment Profit
Payment of the contribution shall be allocated to the PIF after deducting the wakalah fee. The Operator will manage and invest the allocated contribution in shariah compliant securities. The profits from the investment performance will be retained in the PIF for the benefit of the participants.

If at the end of the financial year there is net surplus in the PRF, it shall be distributed between the Participants and the Operator in the agreed ratio based on the type of Takaful plan, provided that the Participant has not incurred any claim and/or the Certificate Holder has not received any benefits payable under each type of cover under this certificate whilst it is in force.

We offer a range of takaful products - protection, savings, health, education, reducing term takaful, group products as well as well as funds options.

Tabarru’ (Donation)
In takaful business, tabarru’ is a donation for the purpose of mutual protection among the participants. Tabarru’ is credited from the Participant Investment Fund (“PIF”) to the Participant Risk Fund (“PRF”) which will be used to help other participants in the event of any misfortune.
Wakalah (agency) contract in takaful business refers to a contract established between the Certificate Holder and the Operator (AmMetLife Takaful) where the Certificate Holder appoints the Operator as a wakeel (agent) to manage the takaful funds on behalf of the Certificate Holder in accordance with the shariah principles. 

As a wakeel, the operator is entitled to a wakalah (agency) fee for executing two (2) main tasks:     
  1. managing the takaful funds, namely Participant Investment Fund (PIF) and Participant Risk Fund (PRF); and 
  2. facilitating the investment of the takaful funds.
Ta’awun means corporation or solidarity (based on the spirit of brotherhood, righteousness and piety). In takaful context, ta'awun is referred to as mutual help and indemnity where the participants are committed to making donations with the intention to help each other against any defined perils within the Takaful scheme.

AmMetLife Takaful products will be marketed by our authorised Takaful agents, AmBank branches and our Services Centres (AmMetLife branches) located nationwide.
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