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We understand that having a financial protection plan is no longer a demand, but it is an important need if misfortune affects you. Time constraints and commitments also limit you to find adequate protection plans to ensure your loved ones can live in calm and comfortable life.

Get protected now and enjoy your lifestyle with less worry.

We at AmMetLife Takaful are passionate in providing the best solution in your time of need.

i-Am Protect, a Shariah-compliant family takaful plan, takaful protection is now made affordable for you, so that in the event of you encounter misfortune, your loved ones will be financially protected. It is specially made so that you have the freedom to choose a financial protection plan that suit your needs and convenience.  
  • Protection against death or Total and Permanent Disability (“TPD”)       

  • Affordable and no medical underwriting. 

Entry Age
Participant: 18 days to 55 years old
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We will compensate you 100% of the sum covered based on the plan that you choose.

Plan Sum Covered (RM)
Plan 1 50,000
Plan 2 100,000
Plan 3 200,000
Plan 4* 500,000

*Not applicable for age at entry more than 45 years old




Getting started

Just follow these simple steps to be one step closer to get this plan!

Step 1
Choose the plan that meet your coverage need. You may get some estimation of the protection amount from our Financial Calculator.

Step 2
Find out how much you have to contribute. Get your quotation here.

Step 3
Download and print the following documents to get started:
Step 4
Then, complete them in advance and walk-in to our head office to submit your application:
Level 23, Menara 1 Sentrum,
No. 201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.


Visit our nearest AmMetLife Service Branches to complete your application.

Step 5
Once you have been informed that your application has been accepted by us, you may pay your contribution via AmOnline or JomPay according to the instruction given.

Useful Documents

i-Am Protect
(PDF - 493 KB)


This is a pure protection term takaful plan that gives your family financial protection in case misfortune happen to you. It provides coverage against death or Total & Permanent Disability (“TPD”).

You can choose from 4 coverage plans available depending on your affordability and future financial needs of your family. You may use our Income Protection Analysis calculator to estimate the protection amount that you need.

In the event of death or TPD, we will pay the sum covered based on your chosen plan. For example, you participate in Plan 1 and if you die during the coverage period, we will only pay RM50,000 to your loved ones stated in the nomination form.

  • Wakalah Fee: The Wakalah Fee is a combination of fixed amount of RM10, plus 30% of contribution after deducting the fixed amount.
  • Tabarru: The tabarru’ amount is the contribution amount less Wakalah Fee. The tabarru’ amount will be allocated into PRF.

Unfortunately you are not allowed to change the plan type. However, you can apply a new plan after your certificate is expired.

Since this plan is a pure protection plan, no cash value will be paid to you upon surrender or maturity.

No, the certificate term is one year only.

You are required to pay the annual contribution during the certificate term.

Please refer Product Disclosure Sheet or Brochure available to be downloaded in the website for information on the exclusions applicable to the benefits under this certificate.

The information, statement and/or descriptions contained herein are strictly meant to be general information for quick reference and illustration purposes only and are not intended to be the complete description of all terms and conditions applicable to any products mentioned herein. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet (PDS) for more information.

For further clarification and information, you may contact our Customer Care Centre at 1300 22 9777