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  • Helps to settles outstanding hire purchase financing in the unfortunate event
  • Coverage up to age 65
  • Protects you wherever you go
  • Ensures your car will remain yours


  • A single contribution reducing term takaful financing for your home loan.
  • Coverage up to age 60
  • Protects your family from eviction
  • Ensures your family has a home forever


  • A single contribution reducing term takaful plan
  • Helps to settle the outstanding personal financing debt in the event of eventualities
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • One-off payment for maximum coverage
ProtectSecure-<span>i</span> <span>Murni</span>
ProtectSecure-i Murni
Companion in Your Spiritual Journey
Protect and serve you every step of the way from life’s daily needs to your spiritual obligations.
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