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Although we do our best to stay safe, we can't always avoid accidents, snake and insect bites or being a victim of a dengue outbreak. There are various uncontrollable factors that can put you and your loved ones at risk. As life-threatening events can occur anytime, financial protection has become a basic necessity. It pays for emergency treatments and maintains peace of mind. i-Am Wira covers these threats and provides financial protection to you and your family in case you are not around. Benefits include:
  • Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Coverage

  • Additional Triple Death Indemnity Coverage

  • Additional Triple TPD Indemnity Coverage

  • Daily Hospitalisation Allowance due to Accident       

  • Application is Easy 

Entry Age
Participant : 18 years to 55 years old
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We will compensate you 100% of the sum covered due to all causes (Sum Covered).

We will compensate you an additional 3 times worth of your Sum Covered if the death is caused by accident or dengue or snake/insect bites.

We will compensate you an additional 3 times worth of your Sum Covered if the Total Permanent Disability caused by accident.

We provide you with a daily hospital allowance when you are hospitalised due to an accident.



Do you know?


A brief view on the reported cases shows that everyone can be affected, needing protection: 


1. The number of dengue cases in Malaysia increased 10% to 120,836 in 2015 while the number of deaths jumped up 50% in 2015 compared to 2014(1). 


2. Malaysia has recorded 730 cases of snake bites in the span of 4 months since January to April 2016(2). 


3. Malaysia recorded a number of 489,606 road accidents with 6,706 deaths in 2015(3). 




Be the "Wira" to combat these dangers. Don't take chances and let financial constraints derail you or your family in an emergency situation. The best way to fight uncertainty is to prepare you and your family with i-Am Wira plan. 


(1) From http://www.thestar.com.my report on “50% rise in dengue deaths” 


(2) From http://www.thestar.com.my report on “730 snake bite cases recorded since January” 


(3) From http://www.nst.com.my report on “Almost half a million road accidents and RM8 billions in losses last year spurs road safety discussion” 


Useful Documents

Product Disclosure Sheet (English)
(PDF - 320 KB)

Product Disclosure Sheet (Bahasa Malaysia)
(PDF - 320 KB)


This is pure protection term Takaful plan that gives your family financial protection in case misfortune happen to you. It provides coverage against death or Total & Permanent Disability (“TPD”) due to all causes, death or TPD due to accident and death due to dengue or any insect/snake bites. This plan also provides hospitalisation benefit in the event that participant hospitalised due to accident.

You can choose from 3 coverage plans available depending on your affordability and future financial needs of your family.

In the event of death or TPD, we will pay the amount stated in the Schedule of Benefits based on your cause of death and your chosen plan. For example, you participate in Plan 1 and if you die due to illness, we will only pay RM50,000 under death or TPD due to all causes. However, if you die/suffer TPD due to accident or die due to insect/snake bites, we will pay additional RM150,000 to your loved ones.

The Hospitalisation Benefit will provide you with daily income based on the plan that you choose in the event that you are hospitalised due to accident more than 6 consecutive hours. You can claim up to 100 days of hospitalisation per year and up to 365 days of hospitalisation during the certificate term.

Sorry, you are not allowed to change the sum covered of certificate.

  • Wakalah Fee: The Wakalah Fee is a fixed deduction of RM60 per annum per certificate, plus 20% of the net contribution in the first certificate year and 5% thereafter. For example, if you pay RM40 per month, the monthly wakalah fee for the first certificate year will be RM12 (RM5 fixed deduction plus RM7 as percentage of net contribution). From 2nd year onwards, the monthly wakalah fee will be RM 6.75 (RM5 fixed deduction plus RM1.75 as percentage of net contribution).
  • Tabarru: The tabarru’ amount is the contribution amount less Wakalah Fee. The tabarru’ amount will be allocated into PRF.

Sorry, you are not allowed to change the plan type.

The certificate term will be determined based on your age at entry.

You are required to pay your contribution for the entire certificate term of this plan.

This is a level contribution plan throughout the term of certificate. However, we have the right to revise the contribution amount by giving you a 90 days written notice in advance.

Please refer Product Disclosure Sheet available to be downloaded in the website for information on the exclusions applicable to the benefits under this certificate.

The information, statement and/or descriptions contained herein are strictly meant to be general information for quick reference and illustration purposes only and are not intended to be the complete description of all terms and conditions applicable to any products mentioned herein. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet (PDS) for more information.

For further clarification and information, you may contact our Customer Care Centre at 1300 22 9777
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