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Nothing is more important than protecting you and your family’s financial future. Fulfill your dual need for a protection and savings for tomorrow while assisting you to live for today under a single plan. This plan financially supports you and your family in most difficult time.
  • Death and Total Permanent Disability (“TPD”) covers

  • Funeral expenses benefit

  • Personal tax relief

  • Choice of riders to enhance protection       

Entry Age
Participant : 30 days to 60 years old
Certificate Holder : 17 years to 60 years old
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PrimeSaver Rider

The rider provides auto-withdrawal benefit at the end of 5th certificate year which is payable every 2 certificate years thereafter until maturity. The rider also compensate sum covered and Participant Investment Fund's value should the Participant passes away or suffers from Total Permanent Disability.

  • Participant : 30 days to 60 years old

  • Certificate Holder : 17 years to 60 years old

Participant Critical Illness Rider

This rider will waive future contribution in the event the Participant is diagnosed with any one of the thirty-six (36) critical illnesses.

  • Participant : 30 days to 60 years old

  • Certificate Holder : 17 years to 60 years old

Contributor Rider

This rider will waive all future contributions in the event the Certificate Holder (herein “Contributor”) passes away or suffers Total Permanent Disability.

  •  Certificate Holder : 17 years to 60 years old

Contributor Critical Illness Rider

This rider will waive all future contributions in the event that the Certificate Holder (herein “Contributor”) is diagnosed with any one of the thirty-six (36) critical illnesses.  

  • Certificate Holder : 17 years to 60 years old

Useful Documents

ProtectCare-i Prime
(PDF - 216 KB)

Credit Card Debit Authorisation
(PDF - 259 KB)

Accident Claim Form
(PDF - 213 KB)


  1. Wakalah

This plan applies the wakalah (agency) concept, where all Certificate Holders appoint AmMetLife Takaful as a wakeel (agent) to act on their behalf to invest and manage the Participant Investment Fund (“PIF”) and Participants Risk Fund (“PRF”). AmMetLife Takaful is entitled to a wakalah fee for managing and investing the funds.

  1. Tabarru’

This plan applies the tabarru’ concept, where all certificate holders agree to donate a specified portion from the PIF into the PRF for the purpose of mutual aid and assistance to all certificate holders in times of misfortune.

  1. Qardh

This is an interest-free loan from AmMetLife Takaful in the event that the PRF is in deficit. The loan will be paid from the future surplus arising from the PRF.

  1. Participants Investment Fund

PIF is your savings fund. It is made up of your net contribution (after deducting the wakalah fee),investment profit of PIF and any related surplus distribution from the PRF. Upon maturity or the surrender of your policy, you will receive the whole amount that is in your PIF.

  1. Participants Risk Fund

PRF is made up from a portion of your contributions to the tabarru’. It assists you and fellow participants in need, entitling you to certain benefits – i.e. we will pay your death/Total Permanent Disability (“TPD”) or funeral benefit from this fund.

  1. Wakalah Fee

The wakalah fee is the percentage of the contribution amount that is mainly used to cover commissions and management expenses, which incur in the management of the takaful funds. Please refer to the table below for the complete wakalah fee structure of ProtectCare-i Prime.

   Year        20 years and above







7 and above  10%

  1. Tabarru’ (Donation)

This is the net of contribution after the deduction of the wakalah fee and will be allocated into the PIF. The tabarru’ amount is deducted monthly from your PIF and allocated into the PRF. The tabarru’ amount increases as you grow older.

  1. Monthly Service Fee

A monthly service fee of RM5.00 plus 0% Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) will be deducted from the value of your PIF.

The information, statement and/or descriptions contained herein are strictly meant to be general information for quick reference and illustration purposes only and are not intended to be the complete description of all terms and conditions applicable to any products mentioned herein. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet (PDS) for more information.

For further clarification and information, you may contact our Customer Care Centre at 1300 22 9777
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